Honeybee Festival Education & Honeybee Awareness

The Honeybee Festival is a great opportunity to discover the important role Honeybees play in our natural world. Without the honeybees, life would not exist.

Honeybees are the world’s largest pollinators of food crops and are vital to our food supply.


When you visit the Honeybee Festival, you’ll enjoy a Free to Attend Full Day of Music, Food and Fun and part of that is learning about the important role Honeybees play in our life.

During each Honeybee Festival, honeybee experts and beekeepers bring awareness and educate our Festival goers at the Honeybee Festival Education exhibits and demonstrations learning area.

Every aspect of the honeybee can “BEE” discussed during the Honeybee Festival Education exhibits and demonstrations. Subjects like sustainable beekeeping, the role of the honeybee, how to rear Queen Bees, what effects bees and bee colonies and how to control it, plus so much more.

When you visit the Honeybee Festival, “BEE” sure to stop by the Education exhibits and learn the many fascinating aspects of the honeybee.

Education Information

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