Honeybee Festival Sponsors

Want to “BEE” a Honeybee Festival Sponsor?

The Honeybee Festival is a chance for our community to come together and welcome visitors from all around to enjoy a Full Day of Live Music, Food & Fun!

The Honeybee Festival is also a chance to Showcase our Local Businesses and Restaurants for thousands and thousands of Visitors to our area.

This’s why our Honeybee Festival Sponsors are such an essential part in allowing for this Outstanding Event to come to Fruition!

Each year, the Honeybee Festival continues to grow Stronger and so does the Graciousness of our Local Sponsorships. We take Pride in our Community—including our Businesses, Restaurants, Shops and individual Donors—and the effort placed on making the City of LaFayette have such a Unique, Staple Event in our area.

We couldn’t have the Festival without the generosity shown from our Sponsors.

Festival organizers will Proudly display each of our individual Sponsorships in various ways leading up to and even the day of the Festival. Whether online, or in print, your Business would BEE seen by all in attendance, and all interested parties. So, you can rest assure knowing your investment into our Community would BEE a wise one.

Honeybee Festival Sponsors will also BEE Showcased on our Event Page, where Honeybee Festival Spectators can click on the link to BEE guided to each of the Company’s individual websites and gather information about each individual Business.

Please include your website and Logo information so we can display your Business on the Event Page as well as in print and on merchandise based on each Sponsor package.

There are varying levels of Sponsorship Packages to choose from.

The Honeybee Festival is more than just a Festival. It’s an Opportunity for Growth for our entire Community, where it helps bring us Together.

It’s the Forward-Thinking Attitude we Share that allows for us all to Grow even Stronger that includes every Company, every Business, and every Individual.

Come BEE a part of the Growth here in the City of LaFayette!

Visit the 2024 Honeybee Event Page to see all of our current sponsors!