Halloween Safety Tips from LaFayette Police

Halloween Safety tips from LaFayette Police Department

Guidelines for Parents and Trick or Treaters

All children should be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Costumes should not hinder the vision of the child and should be clearly visible at night (costumes with light reflecting materials are highly recommended) or the use of a light stick or similar item.

Children should be cautioned to not consume treats before they can be carefully inspected by parents or guardians.

Homemade type treats (baked goods, Rice Krispie Treats, ect) and fruits/nuts should not be consumed unless parents know from where they came.

Trick or Treating should be enjoyed in well lighted communities, events like Scare on the Square or homes that are lit up for good visibility.

Responsible adults should carry flashlights or other light sources for good visibility and use for treats inspections.

All traffic rules for pedestrians should be followed. Motor vehicle traffic maybe increased inside the city during Halloween eve. Parents and responsible adults should be cautious as they move about with their children and we want to remind drivers to be on the lookout for those ghosts and goblins.

Guidelines for those who pass out treats

Distributing homemade treats should be avoided.

These type treats will often be thrown out unless the parents know the provider.

Ensure that your home is well lit for the children if you intend to pass out treats.
If you are concerned that a child is too young to be out alone and you can confirm that there is no adult supervision, call for an officer to check on them.

A few extra points

Everyone should adhere to the hours for trick or treating as established by your community.
If you observe suspicious activity in your neighborhood, call police right away.

It really is a great time of year for our city; some say this is when the fall and winter holidays begin! So, let’s start the season off by having a safe and enjoyable Halloween and the LaFayette Fire and Police will be looking forward to seeing everyone out at this year’s Scare on the Square.

Halloween Safety Tips