Earth Day Cleanup Hometown Movie Night

"Love LaFayette" Earth Day Cleanup & Hometown Movie Night

LaFayette Earth Day had a large turnout and was followed by a successful Hometown Movie Night.

Earth Day CleanupThe “Love LaFayette” Earth Day Cleanup was a huge success and was followed up by a well-received Hometown Drive-Up Movie Night with the 1980s classic film Footloose.

Around 80 participants arrived Saturday, April 17 morning at Ross Abney Complex in LaFayette to take part in the “Love LaFayette” Earth Day Cleanup, where all four wards were traveled and cleaned.

After three hours of labor, the workers were treated with lunch provided by the LaFayette Golf Course.

Hometown Drive-In Movie Night
The Hometown Drive-Up Movie Night event was sponsored by the LHS Junior Council, LaFayette GICH Team, and the City of LaFayette and was held at the old baseball field across from the Ross Abney Complex located on First Street in LaFayette.

Hometown Movie NightThe LHS Junior Council chose the 1980s classic film Footloose as the feature.

There were 60 total vehicles and grass-seated individuals attending the event and the feedback online proved the event to be a success with anticipation for Hometown Movie Night to be a recurring event.

The next project the LHS Junior Council has planned, in coordination with the City of LaFayette, is a concert on May 15th, downtown, at the City of LaFayette Square.